Your support makes everything happen.

Everyman rep is committed to bringing professional quality theatre to the midcoast. But we can only do it with your generous support. From touring local high schools, to partnering with other local non-profits to provide multi-media theatrical experiences — it's through your donations that we are able to bring these to life! We are committed to paying the artists that work with us: directors, actors, technicians. Your generous gifts to the annual fund help to support these many artists, and provide a means for these talented individuals to make a life, right here in midcoast Maine.

Donate to Everyman!


We have a number of levels at which contributions to either operating expenses and/or production costs are being sought. They are as follows:

Producer Over $500

Director $500

Leading Actor $250

Supporting Actor $100

Stage Crew $50

Box Office $25 or less

All donations made to The Everyman Repertory Theatre are tax deductible as the theatre has been recognized as exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code