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The Everyman Repertory Theatre presents collaborative, creative and cathartic theatre that is radical and groundbreaking.  Theatre keeps us awake and informs us, through felt experience, what is real and what is fake, what is true and what is false.  This is what theatre is for; to transform the major social, political, emotional and personal issues of our day into a vibrant public debate stirring both emotion and intellect.  Theatre is soul and body.  Where else in Midcoast Maine can you find such a commitment to you, our audience, for keeping you awake to yourself, to each other, and to the world we live in? We want and need you to be a part of something that is greater than any one of us alone.  Without your support we can't continue to do our work and accomplish our mission of providing you with the best that theatre has to offer.  Please consider making a contribution today to keep this kind of powerful storytelling alive.

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We have a number of levels at which contributions to either operating expenses and/or production costs are being sought. They are as follows:

Box Office $25 or less

Stage Crew $50

Supporting Actor $100

Leading Actor $250

Director $500

Producer over $500

All donations made to The Everyman Repertory Theatre are tax deductible as the theatre has been recognized as exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code